Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day One - My Situation

This is it! I've talked about it. I know I will be healthier and hopefully live longer. I've tried before. But this is it! I'm going about as public as a man can be by going onto the WWW.

This morning I weighed in at 215 pounds. That is the heaviest I have ever been and I have been that weight for almost two years. I am 5' 10" tall and in reasonably good health for a man 53 years old.

I have a few health issues that may be directly associated with my weight so I am hoping that losing weight will help. One, my back is usually sore. Two, I have pain in my feet from arthritis. Three, Acid Reflux Disease. Other than that, I would like to be able put my shoes on with less effort! My blood pressure is good.

So there is my baseline. Follow my story as I progress. I will post as often as I can.

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