Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Four - Just Beginning

This morning I got up, took my shower, dried off and stepped on the scale before putting any clothing on. To my total surprise I lost 2 pounds! It's only two pounds but I will take it!

I had a couple of days off since my last posting so by the looks of the scale I did some things right.

My wife was working so I had plenty of time for myself. I did four important things during the two days:
  1. I love walking. First thing I did was to take a very long walk. In this case I walked to a neighboring city it's about 6 miles away. I stopped there for lunch at Subway and returned home for about a 13 mile round trip. I was pretty tired but I really enjoyed it.
  2. Later that same day I needed to go to the local drug store. I went into the garage and got into the car. As I sat there, I realized I felt pretty good, even after my earlier walk, so I decided to walk to the drug store instead. This was about 2 miles round trip.
  3. The next day I joined a fitness club. I didn't have time to actually do a work out but I will.
  4. Also, in the evening I played Volleyball on our church league for 2 hours. It's amazing how much work that is! It is great to have such fun exercising too so I highly recommend joining your local park’s league.

Quite a bit of exercise during my time off resulting in a 2 pound weight loss. I'll call it a success.

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