Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 36 – Making Some Progress

This weekend was very productive. First off, I did something I usually cannot do: I managed to get a full Mid-day workout on Friday.

At Friday’s workout I managed to do something I had never tried before. This will probable be insignificant to you but it is a milestone to me! I started to think about my normal treadmill speed of 5.0 and realized that I usually feel relatively OK through my 30 minute run at that speed. Remember I have recently been bumping the speed up to 7.0 for the last 3 minutes for a little extra. Friday I thought I would try to boost my normal speed up to 5.5 to see if I could make it for the 30 minutes. Surprisingly, I did fine! Don’t get me wrong, the treadmill is a really tough workout! But I made it to the 27 minute mark and pushed the speed up the 7.0 for the last three minutes! That was a big achievement for me and I was very happy I did it. Now I know I can so I will adopt the 5.5 speed with the last three minutes at 7.0 as my normal run, for now.

Saturday morning my weigh-in resulted in the same weight as Friday (208) so that wasn’t very exciting. I had an appointment in the morning so I was unable to get my early morning start, as is my custom. I have found that if I get to the gym early I am eager to workout and sure to complete everything I should. Otherwise I tend to lose some momentum as the day gets older. So as a result of the appointment in the middle of the morning I got to the gym in the late afternoon and really felt drained of energy. I managed to finish the treadmill but I ditched the weights. I wish I didn’t.

Sunday’s weigh-in was 207 pounds. That is a one pound loss over the previous two days. After the weigh-in I was off to the gym by 7:30 a.m. Everything went very well and I was able to run on the treadmill at my new “normal” speeds of 5.5 & 7.0 as described above. Then I pushed myself to do all of the day’s weight machines with three full sets on each machine. I was pretty tired in the end but I felt really good that I did everything I planned.

This morning I weighed-in at 206 pounds for a two pound drop for the weekend. I am one pound over my lowest point at 205. I am hoping I can hit 205 during the week. With the new weight loss I have lost 9 pounds which brings my daily average weight loss up to .25 pounds each day. A ¼ pound a day seems slow but it also means in 30 days (a month) I could lose 7.5 pounds! I like the sounds of that! So since I’m dreaming…at a quarter pound of weight lost a day and 27 days left in this month; I could break 200 pounds by the end of May!! Breaking 200 deserves two exclamation points…

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