Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 33 – The Mind Game

I weighed in at 208 this morning for a one pound loss. I know it’s not much but I will take any loss at this point. I find myself a bit more motivated each time I see a weight loss. I am much more interested in controlling my diet and working out when I see progress of any sort.

Yesterday I reported a two pound weight gain. As a result I had a real struggle getting out the door for even my mid-day workout. Then once I did get to the gym it was a challenge getting through the exercises. I always start with the treadmill. The treadmill is a challenge every time. Not once have I gotten on that thing without thinking about stopping before the 35 minutes is up. It is a real head game to push through to the end. I will always feel so winded and weak that I want to stop early. However, the truth is that I can make it. I know I can; I’ve finished over and over but my mind will always challenge me.

As a result of putting off my mid-day workout to the end of the day I had a mind game going on about getting home in time for an appointment I had at 6:30. Even though I left work 30 minutes early so I could squeeze it in before the appointment I stopped short of completing the weight machines. As it worked out I had plenty of time, in fact, the appointment was even slid out another 30 minutes later into the evening.

So the workout is one mind game. My diet is another! It seems I want to eat all the time. Plus, when I let myself get really hungry I want to eat everything in sight at mealtime. I am still learning what to snack on between meals to keep the hunger in check. I have read that nuts are good for that. Maybe I will get some almonds or something when I go shopping this weekend.

With the weight loss today, I am at 208 pounds. That puts my daily average at .21 pounds. I need to lose more so I am planning a mid-day workout today.

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