Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 29 – Still Struggling

I had a bit of a lack-luster week end. I gained another pound that put me at 210 pounds. Saturday I did go on a long walk again because I really enjoy my long walks. However, I sacrificed the gym to take the walk. Clearly, I should have sacrificed the walk for the gym!

Sunday morning I was off to the gym at the crack of dawn. The problem is that I slept a little too long and got to the gym later than I needed in order to get the full workout. I need to get to the gym at 7 a.m. (when they open) so I have enough time to get the treadmill and the weight machines done before I must leave. If I don’t leave by 8:30 I will be late for church, which is a priority for me.

So there you have it. I had two days of opportunity I let slip by. I did get some exercise but not enough. Saturday & Sunday are critical days for me. There is no reason I should not find the time to get a full workout on those days. So in that since, I failed. As a result I weighed in on both days at 210 pounds. A winner doesn’t let the opportunities go by.

Today, however, I weighed in at 208 pounds. This was probably a result of the workouts on Saturday & Sunday but I know I could have done better. At 208 pounds I am below last week’s ending weight. Also, with 208 pounds my average daily weight loss is taking a dive. Currently, with 29 days and only a 7 pound weight loss, I am averaging .24 pounds a day. I would like the daily average to get to about .30 pounds a day. To attain that number it will take real dedication to the workout routing.

I have to say that I surprised myself on Sunday when I was on the treadmill. I did a little experiment, normally Iset the speed of the treadmill to 5.0. The five really means nothing other than it is faster than 4.9. However, on Sunday, when I had one more minute left to run at 5.0, I pushed the speed up to 6.0 and it felt really smooth. That felt so good I pushed it up to 7.0 for the last 45 seconds and that felt great! So today I will see if I can sustain 7.0 for the last 2 minutes and see what happens.

I added a new feature today. Look to the right just below I put a chart of my weight loss progress. The green line is my weight every day. The blue dashed line is the trend.

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  1. Keep at it! I want to see the before and after belly picture like the ads on your site haha! On second thought.. I don't want to see that, but good luck!