Friday, April 10, 2009

Day Twelve – Big Surprise

This morning I got on the scale as usual only to get a huge shock. I gained 5 pounds in one day! I would rather have an actual electrical shock than this! It looks like I will be using more than my fair share of exclamation points in my posting today!! I want to throw the scale out the window but instead I will punish it by standing on it with my full weight every day! Take that!

Okay. I had to pause my writing for a few moments to compose myself… One more deep breath…exhale slowly…go to my happy place.

It is a digital scale and is prone to misreading sometimes so when I first saw 211 on the scale I thought that maybe it is a little whacked out. My practice has been that I will step on it, read the number, get off to let it reset, then repeat until I get a number twice. Lame huh? It’s like getting weighed by a panel of judges and averaging their scores. So this morning I stepped on and off the scale three times and saw the exact number each time.

“Of course you know…this means war!” Daffy Duck. It is so nice to have a quotable role model. My plan for today was for no workout. But I think that has to change. It’s not a big deal to squeeze a mid-day workout into my schedule today but it will mean some adjustments. I will cut my lunch from an hour to 30 minutes and will only have time for the treadmill but that is better than nothing.

This is Easter week and there is a lot of candy in the work area. I have tried to be good and have generally held back but maybe had more than I thought. Or maybe just being near the candy causes it to seep though the pores in my skin… That must be it. I need to live in a bubble to prevent candy leaching into my system. All of this weighs heavily upon the upcoming Easter dinner. I will have to hold to good food only and steer away from the high calorie stuff. I think I will also drink a lot of water just before the meal too.

For the weekend I am planning on a full workout on both Saturday and Sunday so maybe I can get back on track. If I look at my weight loss from week to week, as I described in my last posting, last Friday I weighed in at 209 pounds. As of yesterday, I was three pounds under that and things looked great, but with my five pound gain today I end the week with a two pound gain for the week ending today.

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