Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day Nine - You Are What You Eat

Every morning when I get on the scale it is natural for me to believe that my weight will continue to drop. However, today I gained two pounds. Plus, I gained two pounds the day before. I am trying hard not to let this get to me and start to feel like this isn’t working. I am trying to look at this positively; I’m sure there will be fluctuation in weight.

The thought occurred to me that maybe weighing myself on a daily basis is not such a good idea. Take the stock market for example: Monday its up; Tuesday it’s down; Wednesday it’s up again; Thursday it goes way down; then Friday it shoots up. A person with lots of money in the market can seem bipolar; happy one day and crying the next. But if we just took a look at the market every Friday and only Friday we might see that for the week described the market actually went up since the last Friday! All the excitement every day is wasted energy. So if I were you, I would only weigh myself once a week. For the purposes of this blog, however, I will continue to share the detail of my daily weigh-ins.

I know that I am doing as least most of the right things. I generally eat well. I really mean that! I am like any guy; I love the fatty foods and snacks, but I don’t eat them. I would love to eat a cheeseburger and fries but don’t. My diet basically consists of the same thing everyday. Breakfast is a bowl of bite size frosted shredded wheat with low fat milk. Sometimes I have a banana too. Lunch is usually a wrap made of ham and pepper jack cheese with no condiments. I also have about ten baby carrots, a half of a cucumber (sliced), an apple and sometimes another banana. See, all good stuff!

It’s all a matter of degrees; I am still eating processed deli sliced ham. I could be eating bean sprouts and tofu with pine nuts but then I know I would be looking for a cheeseburger for dinner! I do allow myself a snack of five peanut M and Ms after lunch. My wife can’t believe I can keep from eating the whole bag but it is all I need. For dinner I generally grill a chicken breast on my George Forman grill and then I have two pieces of cinnamon raisin toast. So that is my general diet. Other than that, I find myself drinking about two cans of caffeine free diet coke a day and an ice tea for dinner. I suppose I could drink more water though…

One more note about today: I made it to the gym again for the second day in a row. However, I was only able to complete my run on the treadmill, but at least I got the full time in for that exercise. Yesterday I was able to get the treadmill and all the assigned weight machines finished within my scheduled workout “break”. As a result of taking my mid-day workout break I will need to stay an hour and ten minutes longer at work. The bottom line is: I got my workout in before I was too tired, and I can go straight home after work! This might work for me!

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